Here’s the story

Come along for a journey through a seasoned musical mind. With more than 30 musical works for release, Grey Ballet is a multi instrumentalist and prolific composer celebrating 50 years of playing guitar, by scheduling the release of more than 30 works.

From the transparent, raw clarity of acoustic instruments. To effects laden electric. The styles are various, and often combined.  From folk to funk, and rock fusion. You can also bask in some beautiful instrumental soundscapes and atmospheres. And the reward for you is there is no polished production, but a good dose of “pure spontaneous invention”. Old school. Keeping it real.

Currently has some content in the works that will share some of the techniques, concepts and ideas behind his work. And his past 40+ years as a guitar instructor, will certainly be of benefit to you. Right now, everything is raw and a work in progress. But then again, that is the whole idea behind Grey Ballet.


Mike of Grey Ballet

Old School. Keeping it real.